Many enterprises operate Quality Assurance as an isolated department using myriad isolated systems to test software and the introduction of even a small feature enhancement or bug fix goes through a prolonged regression testing process leading to:

  • Delays in the functionality release
  • Production down time
  • 100% Functional coverage
  • Significant increase in CoQ


 The root causes for the challenges in testing are:

  1. Insufficient time to test
  2. Motivational challenges in the testing team

Systems Plus provides a consulting led approach to the problems associated with

regression testing by using the automation framework TestPlus©. This is a standard library that addresses the Client/server, Web and legacy applications.

Phase-wise Approach to Automation testing


Access Phase:

During the Access phase, a team comprising of regression testing and automation experts analyzes the existing regression testing process, cycles of regression and business problems. There is a standard checklist that would be utilized to collect the data. The Framework for automation is illustrated below:

Analysis phase:
During the analysis phase, based on the data collected from the Access phase, the following activities are carried out:

  1. Analysis of data based on the regression testing process
  2. Alignment of the test cases to the automation framework
  3. Integration with the test management and defect management tools
  4. Preparation of the ROI document with clear definition of the benefits, timelines and reusable assets
  5. Preparation of a detailed execution plan


Act phase:
Based on the detailed plan created in the Analysis phase, the automation team carries out the following:
1 . Preparation of automation test case using the TestPlus© framework for each manual test case

2. Addition of more test cases wherever there are gaps present in test cases,

3. Integration with test management, defect management as per the integration framework of the previous phase

4. Creation ofBusiness process test ( BPT) where necessary

5. Running the automation test cases and measurement of the ROI data

6. Maintenance of scripts on an ongoing basis


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