Cash Management is the predictiveand proactive management of self service cash functions, including handling, cash-in-transit and replenishment scheduling. Through a proven and sophisticated algorithm, it is used to determine optimal cost strategies, identify potential costs savings, improve efficiency and provide regular reports. A considerable amount of cash is dispensed from self service terminals on a daily and seasonal basis. With cash moving through an increasing number of locations, it is necessary that cash services are managed properly. Too little cash in the terminal network limits system availability and customer access (due to cash-outs). On the other hand, too much cash can mean wasted assets and lost productivity (opportunity loss). The accuracy and reliability of cash management is based on historical data of ATM transactions in the bank. We will use as much of this information that is available from the bank to build a historical trend of cash usage, cash replenishment, and cash dispense. This base historical information together with public holidays and salary pay schedules will then be used to forecast future ATM cash needs.  We offer services to coordinate a bank’s ATM cash management activities with the goal of optimizing the bank’s total cash usage cost. Achieving this requires the implementation of a centralized management point for all cash ordering, utilization, clearing and planning processes. Incidentally, this cash supply chain manamgement can also be applied to branches and bank vaults.

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